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It keeps happening...
lovethedemiurge wrote in ink_logs

Where: Trevor's Compund
When: 5/07
Who: Yakko, Trevor, Rigby, and a surprise guest.
What: Trevor tries to settle everything. AGAIN.
Warnings: Just some weird science and kidnapping.

[Trevor secured the knocked-out toon into a chair. Securing Yakko was much easier to catch than the last few attempts; he simply fired a tranquilzer gun and carried him to the compound. His head still throbbed from last time, but it wasn't nothing he could fix.

Right now he was busily analyzing the unconscious toon with the myriad devices in his laboratory. He still needed questions answered about the nature of these toon creatures.]

Curious...he shows signs of brain waves and internal organs. But if he isn't an android, what is he? No matter, I have all the time to crack this mystery...

[He turned his back on Yakko. Yakko would be much more than an another test subject, he would be a lure. All he had to do was make one little phone call...]


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[He pulls out a gun and points at Rigby.]

This won't kill you, but will cause you an unimaginable amount of pain. I suggest you return to your chair.

[He gulps and sits back down in his chair, though he doesn't pay attention to how he's sitting.]

[And he straps him in just like that. Sorry, Rigby.]

Excellent. But before we do anything else, perhaps I should perform some tests first.

[Don knew little about this place or the people here. But the guy made it clear: Rigby was in danger. He wasn't going to have his bro or anyone go through what Mordecai went through. EVER.
Following Rigby, he runs into the Compound.
With the other Warner, Don bursts into the room.]


[Whatever's happening, it's pretty shocking, to say the least.]

[Wakko, while being completely happy about this at first, changes once he sees Yakko knocked out in a chair. Without thinking, he rushes over to Yakko to unstrap him.]

There's more of them?! Did someone discover his cloning techniques?! Where the Animators here?!
Give Trevor a moment, he's standing in shock.]

Who--who let you in here?!

[Ignoring Trevor, Don hurries over and does the same with Rigby's bounds, freeing him.]

Come on bro, we gotta get out of here!

[Oh right, Yakko. He turns to the other Warner.]

Yakko's brother! You got him, bro?

[Wakko is done untying his brother. However, instead of getting him, he moves closer to Trevor, looking increasingly angry.]

[In his shock Trevor drops his gun and it bounces into the pool. He looks back, cursing before returning his gaze to Wakko.]

How did you end up here?! It's not possible! You're supposed to be an ink monster!

[He doesn't say anything, but instead draws closer to Trevor, pulling out a mallet.]

[Backing up a bit...damnit, where's a gun where he needs one?]

He's a danger! Clearly you realize this! I must do what is neccessary!

[You do know that that's his brother you're talking to, right?]

[He is getting really close, now. Wakko is now raising his mallet towards Trevor.]

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