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And if you come around again,
joyamongmisery wrote in ink_logs
Where: Jimmy Two-Shoes' house
When: A few weeks after thisthis, and this
Who: Jimmy Two-Shoes and Heloise
What: Jimmy finally works up the nerve to talk to Heloise about everything that's happened, and to repair their strained friendship. Unfortunately, Jimmy will witness one of the City's "glitches" firsthand just as bridges are re-built. 

19 days. It had been 19 days since he had talked to Heloise.
Criminey, that was the longest he had ever gone without talking to ANYONE, especially one of his best friends!! Worse than that was the fact that he had never fought like that before. Never shut the door, never pulled a cold shoulder, never distrusted a friend, never made a friend.. cry...
It was a new, horrible thing, and he didn't like any of it. For the first time he felt truly, subsantially miserable. ...Lucy would probably get a kick out of it, he realized.

The absence, the silence... it was horrible. He'd never felt anything exactly like it before, it was an aching pain that hung on his heart. He felt trapped behind the doors he had locked, and was finding difficulty in opening up again. It was hard to make new friends when the guilt of the past hung over his soul. It was so, so hard to be optimistic about anything anymore, he felt unsure about the future, unsure about his friendships, his friends, the truth...

He wanted to talk to her again, desperately. He wanted to hear the whole story, to accept it, to forgive her. He just wanted to move on, already!! But now that he'd gotten to this point.. how was he supposed to talk to her again? "Oh, hey, Heloise! Sorry I kind of got freaked out over the fact that you killed people, but it's all hunkey-dory now!"
And then the fact that she was codependant on him? ..The fact that she needed him to keep herself from hurting people? The terrifying burden of that revelation didn't go away when he stopped talking. It just made him worry even more. And oddly enough, he wasn't worried about potential victims- he was worried about her. Was she alright? Was she upset? Was she mad at him? Would she want to talk to him again?
What was he supposed to do??

He couldn't keep this up, it was awful!! That's it, Two-Shoes! It's time to be a real friend, it's time to be brave! So things might be confusing between them right now, but it wouldn't get better if he kept sitting on his butt like this!
Jimmy got up, back straight and standing tall, and strode to the front door. But as he reached out for the doorknob, he suddenly froze, reconsidering. What should he say when he got to her lab? He backstepped, wanting to plan out everything he should say. But he'd wasted so much time already, he needed to get this over with!! But...

And so he stood there at the door, unsure of if he should bring an apology gift, or call her first, or if he should brush his hair... The only thing he'd actually managed to agree with himself over was to undo the lock.

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[Heloise, just after her talk with her close friend Dr. Chipotle Jr., was encouraged to finally approach Jimmy again after more than two weeks of despair and uncertainty...
She had immediately rushed to his home, and without thinking, she reached for the doorknob... which as she did, unlocked from the inside.
He'd just unlocked the door.

Shaking slightly, she took a deep breath... and knocked]

[There's a loud crash from the other side of the door as Jimmy flies 5 into the air in a spasmy flail and falls onto the ground.

There's a heavy 4 seconds of silence before the knob weakly turns and cracks open, revealing a very shocked (and bruised) Jimmy.]


J-Jimmy! Are... you okay?!
I... I thought you saw me outside or something, I heard you unlock the door...

I- Y-yeah, I'm fine!!
[He sits up, rubbing the bruise on his face as it begins to fade away]

I didn't know you were there! I was just unlocking the door, cuz I was.. gonna go see you, actually...

You... were?
That's good! Because I want to talk to you too, right now!!

Can I come in...?

Y-yes!! Yeah, of course you can!

[He stood up shakily, stepping out of the way of the doorframe. Now that he's actually here and talking, he's not nearly as nervous as he'd built himself into being. But he's still apprehensive of making a wrong move..]

... Thanks.

[she smiles a little at him, as she walks inside his home and hops up on his sofa]

[The smile relieves him immensely, and he sits down beside her on the sofa. Not too close, not too far..]

..How've you been...?

... Not so good... since we last talked...

[she grasps at her dress in her lap, just slightly]

... What about you?

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[Should he lie!? No, no, he shouldn't! But if she knew how bad he was, she would worry! Uhm, uhm-!!


Same here, actually... I've been in a bad funk, Hely.

[she curls up, just a little, her chin meeting her (what we can assume to be) knees]

I'm so sorry Jimmy... this is all my fault...
If it means anything, I... completely regret what I did... and that it upset you... I've never been more, well...
Kinda ironic, isn't it?

[He pulls his legs up onto the sofa, turning to her]

M-me too!! I've felt awful since then, I'm really sorry for leaving things like that...!
A-and yeah, it really upset me that you did something like that.. But I'm still your friend! Not being able to talk to you was more upsetting than anything!

[suddenly, she grabs his hand, and holds it tight]
Jimmy... I... felt the same way! It was driving me crazy that I couldn't talk to you, or see you...! I didn't know how longer I could take it before I went insane!
I really need you! A-and... as long as you're with me, I promise, I'll never do anything like that again! I'm a Mad Genius of Misery... NOT a murderer!

[He squeezes her hand tightly in his, a bit of worry in his eyes]
I missed you too, Heloise! B-but I really need to talk to you about something, it's been worrying me since we talked..

Y-yeah, of course! Anything, Jimmy!
[she looks at him, straight in the eye, still tightly holding his hand]

Am I really the only thing keeping you from doing bad stuff...? Why?

... W-well, nothing keeps me from doing bad stuff in general. It's just how I am. I live to make misery, yaknow? I'm evil and stuff.
[looks down, melancholic]
You... y-yeah... you're the one that keeps me from turning into a total, soul-less monster!

[she looks back up at him now, sincerely, her eyes slightly teary]
... You... really wanna know why?

W-well I've always known you do bad stuff, a-and that's fine, I understand that part!! I- I just didn't know about the monster part..

Y-yeah, I do...

[But he's looking away, mind still reeling from all of this]

It's... because...
[she takes a deep breath]

You remind me of that part of that might be human. I don't know who or what I am, and even though I hardly remember anything about my life... you were always the one thing that I knew, that I feel like I always knew! You're the one thing I have to hold onto...
Sure, it's fun causing misery and destruction, but sometimes, it feels like something's missing. Like there's a hole in me... something that I just can't fill no matter how much mayhem I cause!
But when I'm with you, I feel like that missing part of me is filled! And it's so soft... and warm... and perfect...
That's why I need you, Jimmy! Being with you, it's better than anything there is! It's better than anything else in the whole world...! No, the entire UNIVERSE, I'm sure! You make me happier than anyone or anything else... and I can't stand the thought of losing that feeling, losing YOU! You mean EVERYTHING to me...! I need you, Jimmy...!

A-and I... I...
Jimmy... I...
[she desperately holds his hand tightly, trembling, tears in her eyes...]

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[Before Heloise can continue, Jimmy pulls her tightly into a hug.]

H-heloise, I- I never had any idea t-that I was so important to you!! Th-that really means a lot to me...
[He looks down, wiping the tears off her face] I- I feel like I've known you forever too, I just- I dunno, it seemed kind of weird, and we were already friends, I didn't think I ever needed to say anything about it.. I didn't even know how to explain it, actually!!

I- I'm really really glad I'm able to make you so happy, I just.. I wish you could be happy in other ways too! There's always so much good stuff in my life, in everything! I feel like other people don't notice- or can't see all the good things, most of the time!! I wish I could help you see all the good things in life that I can, but I don't know how...
It's kind of like how you're happy when you make people miserable, I'm happy when I make other people happy!! I- I just wish I could help you be happy all the time too!

[Heloise blushes, gasping slightly as he pulled her in close to him... she immediately hugs him back, tightly, as he gently wiped away her tears ... wanting to never, ever let go]

J-Jimmy... I'm... so happy you feel that way...!
You're right... when everyone else runs from me, scared... you're the one who's always still there with me! You see that special part of me, you've got special something nobody else has, and nobody else ever WILL have!

[she swallows, blushing still, as she slowly edges up toward his face]

You really want... to make me happy?
There... IS a way...
It would make me the happiest girl in the world...

Absolutely, Heloise!! What is it??

[her heart races, and encouraged by the sweet, warm, wonderful feeling only Jimmy can give her...
she doesn't hesitate another moment, and finally says those words that she's longed for him to hear for so long...]

I love you, Jimmy...!!!

[she grabs his collar and kisses him, with all her strength, emotional, passion and true love...]

[To say he's surprised is an understatement. He knew they were more than friends- he always has, really... but it had never come to something physical like this. Suddenly memories start popping up in his, all of her little signals of affection, all of her advances- they all made sense now!! This was the real kind of love, the kind that was joked about, the kind that was in stories- but this was honest, and real. He doesn't pull back, he doesn't shy away- this is new and thrilling and he holds out until the kiss ends.]

[His voice is breathless, a mixture of joy and dumbfounded confusion]

I.. I love you too, Heloise.

[Their moment is ruined by a small, subtle sound.]


[she softly gasps again, breathless along with him... her mind, her heart, lost in his heavenly cloud]


[but as she continues to hold him tightly but softly to her...
she still hears it... like the dripping of ink...]

Jimmy...w-wha... what's that sound...??

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I... I dunno!

[A small droplet hits his forehead, and he reaches up, wiping off a small drop of yellow paint. He frowns in light confusion, staring up at the ceiling.]

Where did this come from?

[He doesn't notice his the paint coming off of the rest of his body.. off his hands, down his face, colors dripping onto his clothes.. and onto Heloise.]

[Heloise's eyes go wide and her irises shrink...
as she desperately tries to hold onto Jimmy...
as he's melting away]

N... N-No...!!

[she can hardly speak... what was happening?!
and no... no, not now...!]

Heloise?? What's wrong?

[He looks down, catching sight of his own hands. He yelps in panic, trying to wipe the paint off his hands.. and only making it worse.]

What's going on!?

[she doesn't know what to do, beside cling for dear life to him, and pray he stays in her arms]

I... I d-don't know!!
N-No, Jimmy...! Please, don't...!! NO!!!

[she's never felt more confused and frightened...
all she can do is choke up, sobbing as she holds him as tight and close as she possibly can]

H-heloise, don't cry!!

[He tries to wipe her eyes, but only succeeds in smearing some paint on her cheek.]

Oh, oops... [He picks up a nearby pillow and smooshes it on her face instead, trying to keep himself from dripping on her... but he hugs anyway, feeling just as confused and scared but really really wanting to calm her down.]

I-I'm okay, it doesn't hurt!! It just.. I don't know what's happening!

[she throws away the paint-splattered pillow off to the side, and continues to hug him as lovingly and protectively as she can, not caring about the paint dripping down all over her, tears rolling down her face]'re melting away, Jimmy...!!

But how!? Why's it happening??

[There's a lot more fear in his voice than there was before, mostly because it seems that Heloise can't help fix this... she ALWAYS fixes these things..]

I d-don't... I DON'T KNOW...!! J-JIMMY!!!

[she cries his name in fear, crying terribly, desperately holding him, as he slowly melts away in her arms...]


[He tightens his hug on her, and for a moment, the dripping stops. He reforms momentarily, solid for his embrace, holding himself together for her, for this moment.]

Please don't cry, okay?? I don't want you to be sad...

... J-Jimmy...
[she tightly and sweetly embraces him in return, tears still flowing down her cheeks...]

I'm... s-sorry... I'm so sorry...
... I love you so much, Jimmy...
I l-love you... I...

[once more, she kisses him... as intensely, lovingly, and passionately as she can muster...
in case this the last time she ever can]

[And in this panicked moment of emotion, hysteria, and fear- he's holding on for love. He kisses back, feeling himself melting away into the world around him...]

I love you too, Heloise...

[He holds her hand as tightly as he can, before it drips away..]

Please, Heloise, promise me something before I go-

[With his free hand, he lifts her head and looks her in the eyes. He smiles, feeling a strange kind of peace.]

Promise me you'll be happy.

[she holds his hand back, squeezing it with all her might...
she tries as hard as she can to smile for him through her tears... and honor her true love's wish]

I... I need you though, Jimmy...!
But... I...
... I promise... I will.
I'll think of you every moment, of every day... and remember all the times we've been together, and what we've been through... and remember how wonderful it was, just to be with you...
Until I see you again...!
No matter what, I know, I'll find you again!! We'll be together again someday, I PROMISE...!!!

[That makes him more happy and hopeful than words could describe. He grins and gives her a small peck on the forehead. He lets go of her hand and gives her one more hug before he completely drips away.]

See ya later, Hely.

[And with that, he's unable to hold himself together any longer. In a split second, he falls apart into a sudden splash of colors, seeping into ground, the room around, against Heloise's clothes. Blue turns to red.
And as the silence sets in, the reality hits. For now, at least.. he's gone.]

[she lets out one last tiny gasp... before he vanishes]


[silently and breathlessly, she stares down at her hands, her clothes... covered in the paint, the colors that was once the boy she loved.
her heart horribly, terribly ached... more than it ever had before.
and yet...
his warmth, his light... the incredible hope he gave her, remained.
and she would keep it as close to her as she possibly could...
until the day she saw Jimmy again.

she hugged herself, and closed her eyes. she didn't care how long it took. she'd wait an eternity for him.
even in this hopeless moment, she knew, deep down...
they'd be together again someday. no matter what]

Bye, Jimmy...
See ya later.

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