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[she comes out of the shadows to greet them, a sadistic grin on her face. finally... it was time. she was getting anxious]

So you took me up on my offer. Awesome.

Yeah, I did. So what exactly are we supposed to do here, anyway?

[Blink. Blink blink.]
... you're a lot shorter than I imagined you to be...
[He smirks a bit. Guess he's not so frightened against a little girl, huh?]

At least I don't have long, lanky stick legs.
Anyway, come on in... I got work for you. Glad you decided to take the offer too, ladybird. [snicker]

[Benson laughs a bit and looks back over to Mordecai, whispering]
See, it's just a little kid! Told ya you were freaking out over nothing.

[Mordecai lets out a sigh of relief, smiling. Maybe this won't be so bad! He starts to walk towards the pod.]
So, what kinda work you got for us?
And don't call me "ladybird".

[she picks up a clipboard] Things have been a bit... messy since that Yakko freak trashed the place. Most of it's been repaired but I could still use some help cleaning up and finding anything else he might've wrecked.
Mind checking if that computerized exam table over there is still functioning? Another machine fell on it. Just push the red button on the panel on the side.

[The lab really is a mess, but it's still impressive none the less. Benson checks over by the exam table, but stops- if this really is a secret lab, it might be best not to be poking around so much... He stalls for a moment.]
This table right here? It looks like it's fine to me!

Whoa... nice place you got. [Impressive lab for a little kid.] You said Yakko trashed the place? [A slight smirk: he had conversed with the destructive Warner before.] Seems like the type. [He starts to wander around the room, taking in the extent of the damage.]

[smirk] It's not bad for what little I have to work with here. Hey Ladybird, go check if that big claw over there's working. I gotta reboot this system here.

[Benson's finally starting to get bad vibes about this whole thing. He doesn't really say or act on it, and tries to ignore it as panicking over nothing. Maybe there's a bit of curiosity that's pulling him along in seeing how things wind up, too.
He sighs and finally gets to the job he was told to do, and pushes the button to see if the computerized exam table is working.]

[Likewise, not hoping to anger his employer, Mordecai goes to examine the giant metallic claw, stepping over the destruction. As he passes Benson, he whispers] Be careful. [before continuing on his away.]

[as she types at a keyboard and pushes a few buttons at one of her control panels]
There should be a flashing red light next to the button you pressed, Gumballs. Is it on? Oh, Ladybird, press largest button on the stand next to the claw, that should boot it up.

[Mordecai pokes the aforementioned button, whistling softly.]

[oh shit.
swiftly, she turns around and grins madly]

[suddenly, that claw grabs Mordecai. Those straps on the exam table extend from it and grasp Benson by the wrists and ankles tightly]

In the flash second that he gets strapped to the table, all of the possible uncertainties come crashing down inside Benson's mind- things ARE bad, that girl WAS dangerous, and he was royally SCREWED.]

[Rest assured that Benson's currently screaming out some things that would make a sailor vomit in disgust. OH, THE OBSCENITIES!]

[Holy shit holy shit holy shit what's going on a giant claw is grabbing him. Mordecai is freaking out majorly... but of course there is that little "I told you so!" voice sounding off. He's struggling as much as he can, but all of the skill in Punchies can't help him now...]

You fell right into my trap~!
[she bursts into evil laughter as the straps pull Benson onto the table. the claw drags Mordecai over to the table as well, dropping him down and snapping him up onto it too]

Now I can finally examine you freaks!

@#$@$(#)&!! I'm sorry Mordecai, you were right!! This was a STUPID idea!


[as Mordi and Ben struggle on the table, Hely continues to grin and giggle like a serial killing maniac as she collects various... unpleasant looking tools like they were something out of The Spanish Inquisition]

[As Benson struggles fruitlessly against the straps, he casts quick glances around the demolished lab for anything that could potentially help, cursing under his breath and trying to keep calm.]

[Mordecai's freaking out, struggling and spasming, intermittantly calling for Skips in his confusion.]

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