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EVENT LOG #3 | WorldSplit Finale: We're So Starving...
meangreen_mutha wrote in ink_logs
Where: Deep within the Forest, both Ink and Paint sides.
When: The day after this and this.
Who: Audrey II, his Audling Spores, and anyone else who dares to come and fight to save this world... and themselves.
What: The Final Battle to end the World Split!
Warnings: This is gonna get messy.

[Following the words of The Inky Mayor and The Painted Lady, it would seem they've become aware there is one last obstacle in the way of Ink City's two halves at last joining back together.
If you've already been unfortunately acquainted with the vicious flesh-and-blood-hungry plant creatures crawling about both sides, what it is should be even more clear to you.
The answer, the origin of these monstrous "Spores", lies deeper within the forest than anyone has gone in quite a long time...
Well, it's time to go investigate.
And should you choose to, here is what you will find...]

[The "Audlings", of all sizes, though none bigger than what had created them... forming, mutating and taking shape out of the dripping, bleeding ink and paint...
Melting off their "parent."
To those who have been forced residents within the City for a longer time, they may likely, and unfortunately, recongize the "father"... known as Audrey II.
But to say something was horribly, disturbingly wrong with the giant alien flytrap was just about the greatest understatement possible.

To the Inkside, he is a forboding mass of black, but oozing out a mass of green from deep inside, this color becoming his "children".
On the Paintside, he is a bright and striking green, much like he originally was... yet also bleeding out and covered in a mess of black, giving birth to the dark and colorless "Spores".

He was frighteningly  "broken", unhealthy....
And oh so starving.
His smaller ink-and-painted concieved abominations of offspring understood this. They were a part of him.
They needed to feed... they needed to consume, to devour that which gives life... for him.

But from what those in the City have learned thus far, sometimes the only way to fix something is to break and rebuild it completely.
The only problem is Daddy and his babies aren't going to go without one hell of a fight.

There is no doubt it will be dangerous. It will be the greatest challenge those brought here have had yet to face in this world. You may not survive, and to respawn under this world's current conditions will likely not be favorable... if it can respawn you at all.
Yet standing idly by will only bring you closer to certain demise.
So, the final question is...
Are you ready?]

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Ready or not... [Action/Inkside]

*She wants to help. Honestly, she does. Ichigo's sick and tired of this monochrome world and the stupid bitey-plants being the only splash of color she's seen since the earthquake. Sure, there's been the occasional message from the 'other side', but in the end, you turn off the feed and everything's back to black.*

*So here she is, in all her five-centimeter tall glory, with a flowery and green-stained makeshift katamari towering above her, more than capable of mowing down anything in her way...*

*...Except possibly the forest before her. And she's not entirely sure she can even maneuver properly down the path.*


*Still, she's not one to back down now. So with one hand still on her ball, she's busy readying a paper parasol with the other, hooking it over her shoulder and tilting her head just so to keep the stick pinned there. (She thinks this one's supposed to be green, but it's so hard to tell anymore...) She's also pulled out one of those long, plastic drink swords, and is trying to figure out the right way to keep it on hand while she's rolling. Maybe if she puts her wrist through the looped hilt...?*

*...Yes, she's fully intending to take on an army of bitey-plants and their maker with a bunch of drink garnishes if need be. Necessity is the mother of invention, right?*

[The malnourished and distorted boss of the botanical beasts can't help but look down at Ichigo with red eyes, curiously...
Before simply laughing.

Now ain't that cute~

[Once melodic to the point of near hypnotic, Audrey's voice has chillingly become just as twisted as he looks]

[Action | Inkside] And no one wants to go Hell, you've made the wrong decision & it's easy to see...

[There had been hide nor hair of Bass around ever since his untimely destruction at the hand of the Audlings. Some may think that he had fallen under the "if you respawn at all" clause, but truth was?

He was waiting.

Bass's consciousness was still somewhere in the undergrowths of the city, biding his time, growing slowly even more mad, more broken the longer he spent without a body. And now as if with some unseen signal he surges up through the ink, forming from the wet darkness, coming for his revenge.

The Ink Well burbles a little, at first only churning slightly as with any exit. Then there's a frightening BOOM from the depths somewhere, and a figure comes FLYING out of the well and high up into the sky, trailing ink behind him for several feet up, throwing splotches of it off when he stopped abruptly.

For any Inkside people witnessing Bass's return (which might be a few, even if from a distance, he's pretty high up there) there's going to be a sense of something, somewhere, having gone horribly wrong with his respawn. Even if they didn't know Bass well (and who does, around here?), there's no WAY this could be right. For you see, down there in the depths of the city's being, all the data in his body began to corrupt, swiftly finishing what had already been started before his death.

Bass floats above the city, a twisted mess of himself and this creature, an immensely powerful viral beast whose essence he had stolen long ago. Now it had come to the surface. His helmet was broken and warped, his face animalistic and horribly fanged, eyes surely glowing red although they only appeared to be a bright grey. His arms glitched into clawed hands, legs more bestial than human and clawed as well, and a spiked tail curving behind him. All over the splotches of ink were littered with glowing dots, moving and pulsing as the unstable data rolled over his body.

He threw back his head and let out an echoing roar that sounded anything but natural, and took off across the sky. His destination? The forest of course, which he plunged into within seconds and began flying for the depths. Though entirely wild minded the only blood he wanted to stain his claws with belonged to the Audlings, particularly the biggest one of all.]

[Audrey and his Spores can feel the horrendously viral Bass approaching... his aura of distortion spreading and being very noticeably picked up by the Audlings and their Father.

Oh yeah, this was gonna be a big one]

[Too much time had gone by, and Veser was sick and tired of the never-ending moping and screaming of the paint blob that had been hanging over him like a storm cloud.

And those damn seedlings, spores, whatever they were looked too familiar to just let go. He wasn't a forgive and forget person, and he definitely didn't forget the cause of his first -- and, thankfully, only (so far) -- death in the city. And the Painted Lady wanted people to help look into the forest, anyway, so he figured it was a nice win-win situation.

So, at the entrance to the forest stands Veser, harpoon in hand and fists clenched, eyes that were once amazingly green now burning red; unlike the rest of him, which, much like the paint blob hovering over his shoulder, is fluctuating between red, orange, and a deep violet.]

[Even in this highly deformed state...
Oh, does Audrey ever remember you, Veser~
He glances down at the sharp-toothed young man, deviously grinning and glaring with his eyes turned red]

Well well well...
Long time no see, boy~

[She has NO idea what's going on. What's out there. What is supposed to be done. And she's pretty sure not many other people do either. Which means there's going to be a lot of people stumbling around with NO PREPARATION.

So here comes the wombat, with STUFF. She has a pickaxe. She has explosives. She has a digging partner. Hopefully she has a chance.]

[Elias has a very good idea he'd rather be anywhere but here. Charging after Digger is a notferret with a broken table leg. It's a medium sized metal pole, a bit bent and jagged at the end. As far as a real weapon goes it is not the best. As far as a hit-it-until-it-hopefully-stops-moving-stick, it'll do.

Ohgodthey'regoingtodie. Why are they doing this again--]

[Little was left of the original Trevor. His emotions, his humanity had shriveled away, only leaving an impassive husk of an ink creature. His limbs twisted into bizarre configurations and proportions, longer than necessary. His eyes turned milky white. And the mouth? What mouth? None save the black inkyness where it used to be.

No, Trevor care no longer for New Bregna. Nothing interested him save survival. And these Audlings threatened his survival. He would take every single one with as much cold proficiency as he could manage. His battle suit equipped with two pistols, hidden knives, and even two escape functions for emergency.

His only emotion right now was a calculating watchfulness. Oh yes, he was prepared.]

[And if Mew knew what Trevor was, WHO he was... what would assuredly transpire after this event... then perhaps she wouldn't say so close. But she wasn't strong enough, on her own, to defeat these things. So she was helping in the best way she could - being an extra set of eyes for the ink creature who had stumbled upon her at her weakest thus far. An extra set of eyes and perhaps the only mental boost left keeping him on a sentient level still.

Survival was most important, after all. She had no clue about the... surreal, undeath-granting powers of that ink fountain yet, no clue about how little of a 'soul' the creature she was aiding would have even after he recovered. But it was something that both of them, as it stood, agreed on. Without survival, there was no chance to learn, to grow, to exist.]

[Enter Yosuke! Yeah, he's gotten sick of these little pests and wants to get to the root of it. He's still convinced they're shadows and...that's what he's been fighting all along! What's one more to add to the list?

He stands at the entrance to the forest, equipped with nothing but his two kunai, his headphones, and his glasses.]

Alright, come out wherever you are!

[And then something followed Yosuke.]

Inkside | Inkside Warners Imminent

[An idea Parson had been playing with ever since they'd vanished the Warner Tower from a distance. That never should've worked, and yet it did, because toon logic, right? So why not try something in a similar vein?

So he's holding the communicator for Yakko and Dot, while they pull off their best Godzilla impersonations on the Audlings.]

We're live in five, four...

[He ticks off the next three numbers on his fingers. Three, two, one.


[One quick glance behind him, and then stomping on the ground rampage, including sound effects. It looks kinda like this.

We might clarify this is the FOREground, and they're in the BACKground, but that's where the magic of the camera comes in. Ah, toon shenanigans. It oughta look like he's stomping on the Audlings and flattening them, and since all that matters in a cartoon is what the camera sees, why wouldn't it flatten em?]

[The only bright side of Rigby becoming a horrible paint monster was that he was no longer afraid of anything. Though now he's just screaming angerly whilst beating up a ton of Audlings that happen to cross his way.

You can try to talk to him, buuuuut you'd have to be really stupid to do that.]

[THey're not here to talk. THey aren't here to die, either, but that's partly what they are doing. The ones that aren't busy doing that are surging forward to surround Rigby....]

[YOU KNOW WHAT FORESTS NEED? Bears. Bears with sharp things. Bears with sharp things that are pretending to be ninjas in an attempt to impress girls.

Okay, not really, no one needs that. Truth of the matter is that Teddie doesn't really want to do this, not alone at least. He's a coward and has always worked with a team, but at the same time this sort of thing is still his element. If he didn't try then he'd be a very bad bear. BAD BEAR. So for now, only now, he'll pretend to be brave. Pretending to be brave means screaming like a moron.

He wouldn't mind help, though. He'd feel much more comfortable that way.]

[And this is where the teddy bears are the picnic...

Lurking around, there seems to be nothing. Save here and there there's rustling...]

[Ren marched into the forest, his eyes trailing close behind, one eyeball growing teeth. Between that and the red voices in his head and the burns and the constant dying, he can't tell what's worse.

All that he knows? HE'S GONNA BURN SOME CRAP. With Flames McStabby by his side and bandages here and there, he goes towards the forest, will anyone stop him

Not likely, no one loves Ren.]


Chi-ha-ha wait!! We must handle this situation delicately.

[Chipotle followed the others into the forest, completely prepared to risk his safety in order to maybe, possibly, repair the city. It was the last chance.

But the scientist has another reason he's willing to enter the forest of death. You could call it facing your fears, or adrenaline-fueled stupidity, but Chip is ready to dish out a firey fistful of revenge. This creepy place has haunted his nightmares for MONTHS, and he's been plagued with guilt at failing to protect his love from being eaten in that first, unfortunate expedition. He still hates the one who threw her into Audrey's mouth, but the plant itself is not free from blame either. Dr. Chipotle Jr. will not be defeated this time!

He tries to avoid as many of the smaller plants as he can- attempting to run past and get to the larger target, instead. But no matter how he tries, he's forced to face and destroy them anyway. He's so close, and yet so far!]

[I hope you don't mind a black cat running alongside you, Dr. Chipotle. It's better to work in teams though, right?]

What's going on here?

[And they're off to a good start.]

[Everybody's going into the forest? Well, why not? Mordi's a part of everybody. Right?
He's not sure why he's doing it, but kinda just feels a need to... y'know, do it. Hive mentality, bandwagoning, call it what you want, but you have a particularly drippy and pissed off bird in your midst, Audlings.]

[Have a bunch of hungry, angry Audlings, Mordecai. Swarming up close, with bitey mouths and grabby vines.]

[Not quite terror. Not quite the night. But ready to give a hell of a fight, Batgirl comes. She's keeping to the high ground- a bat's natural habitat. Trees are new, but she's managing pretty well, and then, several yards away, she sees the edge of the group of surrounding Audlings, and in the center, Audrey II... Everyone else is trying the head-on combat. Well, then. She swings down, delivering a face full of foot to a number of Audlings, and then pulling out her batarangs... and a few capsules of something she'd helped Bruce whip up last time Ivy's plants were on the loose.]
This is going to be interesting.

[The Spores snap after her as she swings past, one of them even flinging a vine of its own to try to catch her as she goes. She seems to have the interest of at least several Spores already.]

[There's something else besides the Audlings in the forest. Not a thing. Not a person. It's a presence. A crater, empty except for some ink or paint in the middle of it. Standing near or in the crater might make you lose track of time. It might make you experience a bit of vertigo.

But don't stand in the crater for too long. Because something's starting to appear there. It comes with a noise unlike anything on this earth. And it's big. And square. And old.

And blue.]

[Loud noise is loud. And what does Don think when he sees this blue old box. THAT HE MUST HUG IT. Don will proceed to sugar the hell out of this box.]

[He's here.

He wouldn't have missed this for the world. After all, it's this big finish, right? No matter what color he is, Deadpool loves the spotlight. Plus, there's a chance that the other him will be here. So why not enjoy the buffet before dining on the main course?]

Okay, boys and girls. Say good-bye to your muses.

[Continuing from here, have a wombat face/voice yelling over the feed]

Everyone paintside, retreat! I'm triggering this dynamite in THIRTY SECONDS!

[...She'll leave it to a minute, really]

[Oh yeah, he overhears that.

And just when he thought them having just gotten away was a problem enough...]

(Deleted comment)
[Be careful! He almost hits Digger as she's running in the opposite direction. She pauses to yank his arm]


[She can't put this off any longer...]





[Audrey lets out an incredibly loud, horrifying, distorted scream as the explosion rises and overtakes the area around him, setting almost everything ablaze. The remaining Audlings shriek and hiss ear-splittingly, as they're engulfed in the blast and flames...
On both sides.

While the explosion is shown and felt in full force over on the Paintside, the Inkside can only feel a massive tremor and shockwave before everything begins to catch on fire and spread.

There are only a few Spores left, they and their parent now incredibly weakened. They may be dripping, corrupted abominations of ink and paint, but they're still plants; and plants burn.

[Hey, look who it is! As the roar of the explosion crescendos to a rumble, a message goes through over the communicators. The Mayor stares off in the direction of the firey chaos for a moment, before turning to the screen.]

You all did a great job, I think it’s almost overr!
[There’s a faint tremor shaking between both sides, even after the explosion has completely stopped.]

I suggest getting out of here, now! Go toward the edge of the forest, or into the city if you can.
My sibling and I can finish this, just worry about getting out of here! Oh- and don’t be alarmed by any of the ink monsters you might pass, they’re here to help.

[The footage suddenly switches to PL on the paint side, smiling.]
Same thing over here! Get out and look out for monsters! Or paint in my case. Be careful out there, everyone!

[A pack of angry ink monsters and paint bombs aren‘t usually good news, but they‘re being used for a positive purpose. The monsters, and the ones in control of them, are completely focused on attacking the Audlings, no one else is in any form of danger.]

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[ACTION on both sides]


[The ink monsters are on full-out feral mode on the Audlings, rushing up and lunging onto the burning plants, completely oblivious to the fire and the damage it‘s causing them. They’ve never reacted so violently before, scratching and biting chunks out of any Audling they can get their hands on. As the plants burn, they melt the ink monsters as well- causing them to melt profusely, and douse the fires.]

[Meanwhile, storm is brewing on the paint side. Multicolored droplets begin to rain down through the branches. But they aren’t just falling sporadically, they seem to be aimed, even moving toward the Audlings. Suddenly the drops begin growing in size, some even matching the size of bowling balls.
They aim to smash and smother their targets- as they hit, the paint wraps around it‘s target and holds it tightly to the ground.]

[Little Mother of Moles and Earthquakes, WHAT NOW?!?!

She just wants OUT now, and if those paintblobs get in her way, she'll lash out on principle]

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