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Wait here. I have an idea!

[Leaps off the edge, flattens when he hits the ground, bounces back up and runs for it - right past Trevor. Trying to lure him away.]

[Trevor's head turns in the direction of the toon. Good job, you got an older guy with a tranquilizer gun chasing after you, Yakko.]

[Keeps running for a bit, then pulls an extending ladder out of his pocket, places it on the ground (propped against nothing) and starts climbing it. ..yes, as it extends.

Clearly this'll lead to a dead-end, right?]

[Of course, it has to be! With a frustrated grunt,he slings the rifle on his back and begins the climg. And guess what? He's got another speech.]

Yakko, cease this nonsense! You can't stop evolution! Eventually, you will give in. There's no other way...

Sure there is! There's going up.

[And he STILL climbs as the ladder stretches on and on ad on...]

[Does this ladder ever end? Up the ladder we go, then!]

Eventually it will end. You can run, but where will you run, Yakko? We have only ourselves, we have only an eternity...

[It goes up into... clouds. Up and up it goes - where this ends, nobody knows.

Or maybe Yakko does. Hard to tell]

And we've got all the time in the world to make the most of it.

[He keeps climbing, damnit!]

Which is precisely what I'm doing. I'm simply removing you from the equation.

[Not if Yakko does that first, Trevor.

They're out of the cloud cover now. And there's still ladder, and oddly enough, oxygen.]

Wanna bet?

[Please end, ladder, please end! He'll soon start bringing out the gun if you don't do anything, Yakko...]

I make no bets. I plan.

Really? Me too!

[Yakko's discovered something a while back - and that's that City has an amazing sky. It doubles back on itself - the ladder's lodged back against the ground, paradoxically right beside where it's been standing. This only becomes apparent when Yakko hops down the few remaining feet onto the ground and grins at Trevor.

It's a smug, slightly dark grin. It's one that says he knows exactly what he's doing, and is about to do this before you've any chance to stop him.]

How's this for planning?

[Then with one single movement, he kicks the ladder, so that the end Trevor's nearest dislodges and falls back. In effect, this will turn it into a gigantic catapult.]

[There's very few moments when someone can summarize their life with the expression OH SHI--

And right now is one of these moments. With a loud creak, the ladder releases the sole occupant. He knows enough physics to know what will happen.

He gives Yakko a look of pure shock before his departure. And so he goes bounding up, up, up in the air, tumbling into god knows what oblivion...]

[Dusts off his hands, and heads off to find Rigby. Who may or may not have seen that.]

[He sorta kinda saw it, but he couldn't see the part after they pass the clouds. Also, he's still on top of the building.]

Dude! What did you do to him?

*A shaky hand from the Greed-Crater slowly reaches out and grabs the ledge, and it is soon met with another hand, which helps tug the entire body out. He slowly stands up and... looks around, his hands on his hips. He looks unscathed from the fall, even dusting off some dirt and rocks.*

..What the hell did you two do with Trevor?

*Honestly he could care less what trouble Trevor got himself into, but he was curious.*

Exactly what he asked me to do.

Hey, I didn't do anything!

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