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Battle for New Bregna (or Ink City).
lovethedemiurge wrote in ink_logs
Where: The Water Tower
When: After this
Who: Greed, Rigby, Yakko, and Trevor.
What: Trevor decides to tidy up unfinished business.
Warnings: Toon violence with a slight aftertaste of regular violence. 

[The former Chairman waited in a deserted building, watching the tower from across the street. It had been a few minutes since he called his second-in-command. He stood dressed in full Breen battle garb, the room stockpiled with tranquilizer guns, dormant sentinel robots, and even a few smoke bombs. He wasn't to leave anything to chance. He made a two mistakes: one, he underestimated the extent of these creature's violence and two, he gave Yakko a chance to escape. He would rectify those mistakes this time. They wouldn't catch him offguard. They wouldn't get the chance to escape. Here, he would take the two biggest obstacles to New Bregna in one fell swoop. All he had to was wait for Greed's arrival and soon it would begin...]

*Greed steps into the building, in his true form, which he now used as his disguise tatic around the city if need be. He had left his coat back at the bar, not wanting to get any ink on it if anything that bad were to happen. The homunculus takes in his surroundings inside the building and raises his eyebrows, humming. He was thoroughly impressed.*

Heh. better to be safe than sorry I suppose.

These two guys you're talkin' about. Are they really that dangerous? It seems like... it's a little much.

[Cocking a rifle, Trevor shakes his head methodically.]

If you've seen what I've seen, then you wouldn't be so skeptical.

Remember, I want them brought in alive.

Oh that's no fun.

*SHE SLUMPS HIS SHOULDERS, but waves his hand in the air*

But fine, whatever you say, Goodchild.

We're not here for fun.

Now, see the tower? Go ahead and remove its supports. I'll be there shortly.

*He nods and walks out of the building. Greed looks up at the water tower and walks up to one of the supports. The creature lifts his hand back, ready to strike the first support*

[Trevor nods, giving his approval.]

*ALRIGHT THEN, Greed takes out the first support, and the rest follow with it, letting the structure collapse, and Greed of course, slips out of the way as need be, so he isn't crushed by the object.*

[Trevor did not. He did not-- he did. Oh boy, he's done it now.

This gets their attention alright, but it doesn't get Yakko OR Rigby where Trevor thought they'd be. In fact, they just got here.

Yakko stretches up as high as he can - to the point of distorting himself for a second - to try to tap Trevor on the shoulder, from behind. Geez the guy's tall.]

Hey mister, what'cha doin'? Huh? Huh?

[Trevor, of course, didn't expect Yakko to be so quick or to follow him. He briefly glances, barely noticing Yakko, before continuing onward.]

Quiet, this is a dangerous operation and I can't be distracted.

[He reaches up to poke Trevor's shoulder, but given how short he is, he ends up poking his back.]

Hey, dude, he's talking to you!

[Wait a second. Immediately Trevor goes into defensive mode and lobs a smoke grenade. He gestures towards Greed.]

Over here! They're over here!

*He was already looking inside the watertower for them before he perks up, hearing Trevor.*

The hell?! *He starts running towards the building* You said they were in the watertower!

[Right now Trevor's mind is doing mental gymnastics figuring out what the hell is going on. The smoke's building up so it's hard to pick them out.]

They were! But now they're here! They must have a tunnel system!

[Through the smoke, there's a voice... surprisingly.]

Sorry, we're not here; try again!

*He runs inside the building and squints through the smoke, coughing a little, trying to look through it all*

You idiot! You don't throw a smoke bomb without a planned escape route!

Don't you think I know that?! I simply...panicked! They appeared out of thin air!

Expected the unexpected here, Goodchild, you should know that better than me!

*He growls out loud and tries to feel his way around the room*

Where the hell are they?!

Arguing won't accomplish anything. Now let's find them. They're somewhere in this room...

[He steps through the opposite way, also looking.]

*Greed rolls his eyes and looks around, hands in fists at his sides as he does so*

Come out you cowards!

What do you mean? I'm right here!

[Says the voice hidden somewhere in the smoke. Who won't be around in the same place when you get there.]

[Gestures to the direction of the voice to Greed.]


*He looks in that direction and starts to charge forward towards it!*

[And now it's coming from a ways behind Greed.]

No, not there. Here!

*He growls and turns around RUNNING IN THAT DIRECTION THEN*

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