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A Clockwork Hammerspace
misery_genius wrote in ink_logs
Where: Heloise's Lab, more specifically, a section of it with a bunch of chairs, TVs, and wires...
When: After this, but BEFORE this
Who: Heloise and an amnesiac Yakko Warner
What: A cure for memory loss...?
Warnings: Possibly kinda creepy brainwashing, but not much besides that.

[Somewhat against his well... okay, almost entirely against his well, Heloise has decided to take the the mysteriously memory wiped Yakko back to her lab, in an attempt to figure out what's erased his mind...
Or, so she claims. She drags him into a room that honestly, doesn't appear that scientific: All it is a bunch of chairs, somewhat comfortable looking chairs in fact (aside from the many different wires extending from the chairs and the ceiling), and loads of large TVs all over the walls. There's nothing on the TVs however, except static...]

Now just sit anywhere and we'll get started!

[Her grin is a... little unsettling to Yakko, to say the least. But what choice does he have?]

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[Not much, especially since he's not quite himself as it goes. Without even a quip, he actually does so.]

[As he takes a seat in the middle chair, she just continues to smile]


[she pouts]

You wanna learn what happened to your memories or not?


[she suddenly chuckles...

as the wires on the chair suddenly start to move, and tie up and trap Yakko in it, restraining his arms, hands, legs, feet, head... even his tail]


Hey! What're you doin'?!

Juuust making sure you stay still, it's very important you do~

Hey, I know what I'm doing.

[She leaves him restrained as she walks over to a computer nearby, and starts entering a few things...]

I was hoping you wouldn't say that.

[She enters a few more things, pushes a button and...

On a large bunch of the TVs, but not all of them, starts show... cartoons?
Yep, old Warner Brothers cartoons, assumingly she found in the library. Strangely, they don't seem to be showing the entire shorts, just the extraordinarily violent bits...]

He's got no idea what he's seeing here. No memory, meaning no context...]

[Another couple of keystrokes and button presses. The rest of the TVs turn on.
Of these, they show video of Yakko himself, taken from the communicators. As well as the recorded footage of when Yakko was forced to battle the Ink Monsters with a hammer in the forest, on a loop...]


Yakko's eyes dart from one of them to the other. That's not..

He'd seen some clips from the forest expedition before, thanks to Mordecai. He'd seen clips from everything. But he doesn't remember. But this is nothing short of overload as it is, with the added "benefit" of being alien and being restrained.

He strains to try to move his head to watch what Heloise is doing, but no dice. (What was that about staying still?)

All the while, why the heck can't he stop staring at that one screen - something about that freaks him out more than any of the others. While he can easily guess, he can't place what about it.

It's a pity he doesn't remember Clockwork Orange, or he might be able to call her on this.]

[One last button press. Out of the side of the chair comes a robot claw. Heloise then walks over to the chair and opens up a drawer under it. Out of the drawer she takes an eyedropper as well as what looks like a set of small prongs. She puts the eye dropper in the robot claw, and begins to use the small prongs to force Yakko's eyes open. Since he can't move, there isn't much he can do about it...]

You're gonna need to watch all this for a while. I don't want you falling asleep or anything, and if you don't have to blink this will go much faster, so this will keep your eyes hydrated while you watch.

No, just watch this stuff. It'll tell you exactly who you are.

[The dropper drops some fluid onto both his force-opened eyes]

[Winces, trying to blink and failing, then trying to shake his head and failing. Pause, then he struggles as best as he can against everything, just because he's officially had it with being restrained.]

Doesn't this come in a Cliffnotes version instead?


Just watch. I'll be back in a few hours.

[She just starts to walk off, as if nothing out of the ordinary is going on...]

Hey! Wait! Where are you going?

[Feel free to ignore him, if so time just passes.]

I have work to do, duh!

[And she's gone.
She doesn't return for a number of hours... hard to say how many. Yakko certainly isn't sure...]

[Long enough for annoyance at the restraints to turn to mounting panic at being trapped. Can't move, can't do anything, can't- -

As time wears on, he tries to focus his attention on finding ways to escape. He's... been able to do things before, he should still be able to. But Heloise was a bit too thorough; he's just trapped alone with himself, by someone he's heard enough about to be afraid of.

And still time marches on. Past where he's not even sure what exactly he's afraid of anymore, what he's seeing anymore.

That'd be around the end of the first hour. At that point, he's got the repeating sequences practically memorized, and with each repetition likes it less and less. And STILL it goes on, long past that. Needless to say it does not get better.]

[Meanwhile, in another part of the lab, Heloise is working but also closely monitoring Yakko and his treatment, having placed a camera in that room. She notices he struggles less and less as time goes on, just as planned...]

[At this point, he's shrunk back against the restraints. He can't think of any way to get out of this, and oddly enough he has yet to adopt the tactic of keeping up a constant stream of yells and chatter.

A remote, a remote, the water tower for a remote...

He hates the helplessness. He hates this room. This chair. He hates these clips and he's starting to hate even the sound of his own voice at this point. (...And Satan's ice skating to work.) Moreover, he's absolutely sure he loathes that -- that bitch that brought him here.

Who cares about remembering - what's the way out of here]

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