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[Rigby groans as he slowly regains consciousness. Though it soon turns to panic when he realizes where he is. He desperately struggles against the straps.]

Mordecai?! MORDECAI!!!

[Heloise grins and peers over at her victim...]

Oh, you're awake.
Ladybird's not here~

[His eyes narrow and struggles even harder.]


[she walks over to the table and starts examining... his head? Rather thoroughly, infact...]

No clue. Probably back at his house or something.

[He tries to shake Heloise off.]

Let go of me!

[she just hums and ignores his cries as she... takes out a marker? And... makes a mark around the top of his head?]

[Okay, that's a little weird. Rigby is just gonna stare at Heloise, confused.]

[Heloise continues to hum and goes over to her nearby computer console. She enters a few commands with the keyboard, before inputting a voice command...]

Begin the lobotomy.

[suddenly, the suspended sawblade near the operating table begins to spin rapidly and noisily, slowly descending down towards Rigby's head...]

[Rigby eyes narrow again as he starts to scream and tries even harder to get away.]

[Heloise walks back over to the table to watch as the sawblade comes closer to the raccoon's skull...
She smiles sadistically while cackling softly, as it connects and begins to saw Rigby's head across, his inky blood beginning to drip down his face...]

[He screams even louder as the saw cuts his head open. Tears were mixing with his blood.]

[the more the saw cuts around Rigby's head, the louder and more maniacal Heloise's insane, evil laughter becomes...
Until it's cut around the circumference of his entire skull, and the blade stops, but still dripping the raccoon's dark blood]

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[By this point, Rigby has stopped screaming and is just crying pitifully; he has pretty much given up on trying to get free.]

[Heloise wheels over a tray with various tools beside the operating table, as suddenly a metal claw descends from the suspended devices and reaches down onto Rigby...
Grasping his head and proceeding to slowly lift off the top part of his skull which the sawblade had cut]

[Rigby gasps as the top of his head is removed from him and he chokes back another sob.]


[Heloise just... smiles. A smile that's probably going to haunt Rigby for the rest of his poor little life]

You know why, Roadkill.

[the claw removes the top of Rigby's head and places it, dripping blood, onto the nearby tray... exposing the raccoon's little gray brain. Normally, the cranial matter would be pink, but here where his blood isn't red...

Heloise picks up a few tools off the tray as well, and begins to examine Rigby's open skull]

[Rigby twitches as Heloise examines his brain, tears streaming down his face.]

No I don't...

[a slight scoff as she carefully prods his cerebrum with her tools...]

You saw what Ladybird did. Even you can't be THAT stupid. I know, I'm looking at your brain right now! [laughs a little]
Hmm... Speaking of which, your brain's interesting. It's much more like a human brain than an animal one...
Oh well, that'll actually make this easier.

[Rigby continues to twitch uncontrollably.]


[she places the slightly blood-covered tools back onto the tray, and opens up a little metal box that was also resting on it...
Inside the box is what appears to be some sort of computer chip, perfectly square and about 0.5x0.5 inches in size. Chuckling, Heloise picks up the chip with a pair of small metal tongs, and with her other hand also takes a tiny electric drill...]

[Rigby stares at the drill, breathing fast.]


[she cackles softly once again, grinning, as she slowly, gently, and very carefully and precisely places the chip onto a certain part of Rigby's brain...
The drill begins to buzz as she starts it up...
and uses it to horribly drill in and pierce the chip into the gray matter of the helpless little raccoon, bleeding horribly from his exposed head and cut-open skull...
Smiling the entire time

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[He starts screaming once again as the drill cuts into his brain. He continues this until it suddenly... stops. The screaming. The crying. Pretty much all of his movements. Stop.]

[Heloise stops the drilling.
Now settled in the right place in Rigby's cranium, the chip suddenly sends out a brief but powerful shock throughout the animal's brain]

So, Slave, can you hear me?

[There is no response, though internally Rigby is panicking and trying hopelessly to move.]

Say something if you can hear me! I'm trying to see if all your mental functions are working properly before I sew the top of your head back on.

[He slowly nods.]

Yes, Master.

[What? No! Why am I saying this?!]

[she smiles, relieved a bit too all seems to be going according to plan]

Good! How's your vision? Can you see alright?
What about motor skills? Try moving your fingers one at a time.


[He does exactly what Heloise asked him to do, mentally freaking out while doing so.]


[she laughs evilly in delight. She heads over to her computer console and types in another command. The claw which previously removed the top of Rigby's head now grabs it again off the tray, and places it back on top of his skull.
After which she walks back to the table and picks up a specialty surgery needle, and begins to intricately sew it back into place]

Now, are you ready to receive your orders?

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Yes, Master.

[He would be crying right now if he could, but he just nods.]


Good! Alright...

[she continues to sew, making the stitches as small and least noticeable as possible]

Your mission is to kill Mordecai the Blue Jay. Get him alone, and when you do, stop at nothing to kill him in the most horrible, gruesome, and miserable way possible!
Until then though, act like you normally would. Don't seem like there's anything out of the ordinary, so that he doesn't suspect you're under my control until it's too late!
Tell him you wanna hang out, have some quality best friend time or something.
And when you two are all alone together...


[No!!! Please not that! Please...]

Yes, Master.

[she laughs maniacally in delighted approval]


Remember, until you and Mordecai are alone together, act completely normal, as if nothing's wrong.
[she finishes sewing the top of his skull back on...]
[she takes a rag and cleans up the inky blood on his head, and messes up a bit of his hair-fur to further hide the stitches]

I think we're all finished here~
But just to check, tell me what your mission is and instructions are again, Slave?

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Find Mordecai.

[He tries once again to regain control.]

Get him alone.

[He had too, for Mordecai.]

Act normal.

[He wanted to go back home...]

And kill him.

[He finally gave up, he mentally sobbed and called out for Mordecai.]


[she finally unstraps Rigby from his restraints, letting him free from the operating table]

Oh, and one last thing I almost forgot!
Even if when you and Mordecai are alone, if someone else happens to catch on and try to interfere, kill them too.
That or deny that there's anything out of the ordinary at all and continue to act normal for the time being. Whatever works better for the situation if that happens.
Got it?

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[WHAT?! Oh God, no...]

Yes, Master.

[she smiles again and very gently taps Rigby on the head]

Good little mind control Slave~

Now go~!

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Yes, Master.

[Rigby gets up and leaves Heloise's lab, all the while mentally cursing at her through his sobs.]

[Heloise just grins as he goes, cackling sinisterly, pleased with her work...

And so very, very excited to how things play out from here...]

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