Lombaxes hate the cold
You asshats woke me up for this?
Where: The broken down Starship Phoenix
When: Beginning of the snowstroms
Who: Ratchet and Martel
What: A meeting of the furry and the goddess.
Warnings: Possible language? Will update if needed.

Like, they really hate the friggin coldCollapse )

But Darling...
Where: Cave and Caroline's apartment
When: Late evening 1/15
Who: Cave and his lovely assistant
What: Now that Caroline is back from her ordeal, the two discuss things that change everything between them.
Warnings: none

You Are the Only ExceptionCollapse )

Chains/Strings ; The Attic
Where: The hangar front to the Black Mesa East underground lab.
When: Evening-ish
Who: Gordon and open for anyone who can find him
What: The Freedork finally sees his new home and promptly falls asleep. Hilarity ensues.
Warnings: Possible cursing in three different languages, and that's him sober.

He's cold, wet, and absolutely tired when he manages to get to his designated spot in this strange city. The reinforced steel doors still had the gunshot dents from the Overwatch, the Headcrab zombie scratches...the little message he'd left Alyx the day before his arrival into this place. All Gordon wanted was to eat something and catch some sleep. After punching in the code and getting blasted with decontamination, he finally pressed the Mach V HEV Suit Dismissal Button and let the armor fall off his body. Underneath all that was a simple shirt, khaki pants, and a body full of scars. He didn't even make it to the fridge, he fell asleep on the sofa...and may not have activated the alarm system.

Copy Ability Funtimes!
Where: The warehouse Kay showed Kirby
When: Sometime in the afternoon, after Kirby's first post on the main community.
Who: Kirby and anyone who wants to stumble upon him.
What: As Kirby eats the warehouse's never-ending food, Kirby finds an unexpected item.
Warnings: Playing with a weapon, possible violence.
Click here to see which Ability!Collapse )

(no subject)
Where: Near the cathedral at Optimus's trailer
When: Evening!
Who: Skyfire and Jetstorm
What: Skyfire goes to comfort the poor confused sick baby jet.
Warnings: wibbling and adorableness.

Two adorable derpsCollapse )

It was the only thing he could think of, at the moment.

To battle
Where: The Shredder’s Fortress
When: December 21st (waaay backdated)
Who: Tengu Shredder, Optimus Prime, Crmsn, Rock, Mew, 8, and 3
What: Our Heroes storm a Fortress in order to save the damsel in distress Three from the clutches of The Shredder.
Warnings: …violence?

To the Rescue!Collapse )

Quest Added: Fission for Answers, II
Where: The Lucky 38
When: Last Saturday (1/07/2012)
Who: House and Cave Johnson
What: Following Caroline's instructions, it appears Cave and House will have to try and get along for the greater good.
Warnings: None insofar.

Push the non-standard specimen into the scanning beam..Collapse )

We were stupid, we got caught.
Where: The Nemesis
When: 1/11/12
Who: Caroline and Starscream
What: It's been well over a week since Caroline was captured and still she hasn't answered Megatron's questions. Starscream is sent to try to coax some compliance from her.
Warnings: Possible torture

So what? Here we are, Juggernaut.Collapse )

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
Where: The City
When: Early evening
Who: Blurr and Skyfire
What: An old bot and a sparkling meet...and one is more blunt than the other.
Warnings: Possible wibbling

You better run, better run...Collapse )

One of These Don't Look Like the Other...
Where: The Nemesis
When: Sometime in the afternoon
Who: Jetstorm and Knockout
What: A doctor operates and finds something more
Warnings: Derpy derp and table-flipping

Like a surgeon...Collapse )

An Unconventional Training Session
Human!Kat Smile
Where: The Beach
When: After this thread here, and this incident with Crmsn, and while these shenanigans here are going down back at the house.
Who: Kat and Legato (with a special appearance later by a jerk someone...uh...special)
What: Legato shows Kat how to use the communicators. And also tries to show her how to sense Bass the way he does. Lulz happen.
Warnings: Starts out light but it could get a little angsty and dark later. Maybe.

Sometimes the things you're looking for are right under your nose. ...And probably laughing at you.Collapse )

(no subject)
cry crushed
Where: The Nemesis
When: Monday evening 1/2
Who: Caroline and the Decepticons
What: Megatron leaves Starscream to take care of his new pet who is in a great deal of pain.
Warnings: Drama, injuries, medical procedures

Turns out some things are worse than deathCollapse )

Moving Out, Up and On...?
trust me, trust me (really wanna be with you)
Where: Phoenix's Office
When: Sometime after breakfast
Who: Dot and Ichigo
What: Preparing to move into the Water Tower, and probably confronting what happened at the Wall... whether she wants to or not.
Warnings: Drama Bomb is prepped and ready to drop...

Just grab and go. Easy, right?Collapse )

Once upon a time there were two girls...
Cute even when blank
Where: The Water Tower
When: Right after this
Who: *deep breath* Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Ichigo, Rigby, and Crmsn
What: DRAMADRAMANGSTDRAMAANGST and some funny bits
Warnings: DRAMA. AND ANGST. And sad.

And now for something completely different! follow the fake!cut

It's the season of forgivness
Where: Video call, n/a
When: Monday Evening 12/26
Who: Caroline and House
What: Somewhat inspired by Cave's acts of kindness, Caroline tries to make amends with House and open upcoming business projects.
Warnings: Egos and negotiating.

Let's put this all behind us. For science.Collapse )


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